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Capacity control and people counting

Counting people at events is now easy

Currently there are various technologies to carry out capacity control.


Our App Tally Counter – Clicker PRO is the closest thing to an analog clicker, but with all the advantages of digitization. Both for economic and operational reasons, if the event does not have tickets or control elements, it is an easy solution to implement.

It is possible to link multiple devices so that they compute in the same capacity and have access information in real time. Link a bluetooth remote control to the device and perform the count comfortably without losing sight of the entry of attendees.

Counting people at events is now easy
Counting people at events is now easy


In the event that a validation of the tickets , accreditations or bracelets with QR or NFC is already carried out, an entry and exit control can be considered.

Add real-time capacity control to all the advantages provided by ticket validation, such as anti-fraud control and have reports and data available in real time


As for the unassisted options, we offer two types of solutions: access counts using 3D cameras and continuous image analysis.

Depending on the type of enclosure, it is more interesting to opt for one or another option.

The 3D cameras are located overhead in the public entrances to detect all entrances and exits. Under ideal conditions of use, these devices can offer an accuracy of up to 99%.

On the other hand, continuous image analysis cameras are ideal for counting people in diaphanous and delimited spaces. Each analysis performs a count of people, so the possible error does not accumulate.

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