About us

The idea of ​​Exyt Control was born as a result of experience

The project is the result of years of specialization in the world of access control, becoming specialized in multiple identification solutions for events. We have developed our own digital tools using cutting-edge technology to offer our clients the best services.

Our team

Our team has extensive experience in events of all types. What began as a company specialized in validation, along with accreditation services and solutions for the identification of attendees, has been evolving and has continuously adapted to new technologies and needs of the sector.

This entire journey has helped us improve our tools and, added to the capacity for adaptability, we have developed our own professional, reliable and robust solutions.

Exyt Control is available to any organizer who needs operational and technological advice to launch their event.


Offer the technology and personnel necessary to manage event attendees. All this using the most advanced professional tools, the best qualified personnel and the safest products.

We plan the entire operation together with the organizer. We try to anticipate problems and work hand in hand so that the final result of the event is a success.


We want the solutions offered by Exyt Control to be synonymous with quality and safety. Our intention is to be a reference in the development and implementation of solutions for events, both at a technical level and at a production advisory level.

Our values


Our team has more than 20 years in the events sector and can help you find the best solution for your project, providing extra experience and advising you to cover all your needs in the most efficient way.

Continuous improvement

At Exyt Control we are always looking for perfection and to improve ourselves day by day. We have an open mind and anticipate your needs, always being up to date with trends and the latest news in the sector.


We work with and for people. Our human team, with their contribution of passion, experience and know-how, is what lays the foundations for our success.


We put ourselves in the client's shoes, we try to think like them in order to detect the needs they may have. We detect the needs of your event and make them ours.


We like to establish relationships with clients based on trust and respect, which will always be an added value to achieve what was promised.

In expert hands

We provide technological support to companies and event organizers so that any project can be successfully completed. Our solutions are designed to work in the worst environments, where the critical points are the connectivity of the devices, the concurrence of users in the system and the need for real scalability of the service.

We offer the technical advice and operational personnel necessary to guarantee correct management of event attendees. We put all our experience in the hands of our clients and collaborators as part of the team.