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Exyt Control S.L. can collect information about the search habits of website users through cookies or log files. Cookies will not be used to collect personal information. They will only be installed if the user remains and continues browsing our website, understanding that he consents to its use and installation. Next, we provide detailed information about what a cookie is, what it is for, what types of cookies we use, what its purposes are and how you can configure or disable them if you wish.


Cookies are an important part of the operation of our website, since they have as main objective to allow us to make estimates on visits and usage ratios. A “Cookie” is a small file that is stored on the user’s computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device with navigation information. The set of “cookies” from all our users helps us improve the quality of our website, allowing us to control which pages are useful, which are not and which are susceptible to improvement. Cookies are essential for the good functioning of the Internet, providing countless advantages in the supply of interactive services, facilitating the navigation and usability of our website. In no case may cookies damage your computer. On the other hand, having them active helps us identify and resolve errors.


The information stored is used by those responsible for the website with the sole purpose of improving the user experience. The so-called “third-party cookies” are used and managed by external entities in order to provide us with a service requested by us to obtain access and navigation statistics, visit rates and browsers’ use.


To avoid the use of cookies on this page you must disable the use of cookies in your browser and, subsequently, delete the cookies stored in your browser associated with this website. Here’s some information about the configuration of cookies in different browsers: Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Configuration. For more information check Microsoft or the browser’s Help. Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Personalized Configuration. For more information check  Mozilla  or the browser’s Help. . Chrome: Configuration -> Advanced Options -> Privacy -> Content Configuration. For more information check  Google or the browser’s Help. Safari: Preferences -> Security. For more information check Apple  or the browser’s Help. Opera: Check at Opera or the browser’s Help. Other browsers: Check your browser’s documentation.


This website uses a series of cookies shown below, as well as its purpose, duration and who manages them. The cookies we use are the following:  
Cookie Nombre Tipo Propósito Más información
Técnicas Cookies de Google: 1P_JAR APISID DV IDE HSID NID SAPISID SID SIDCC SSID moove_gdpr_popup __Secure-3PAPISID __Secure-3PSID __Secure-3PSIDCC _GRECAPTCHA De terceros, técnicas y cookies temporales/permanentes Necesarias para el correcto funcionamiento de la Web. Cookies cargadas por los servicios de Google, tales como reCaptcha y servicios de búsqueda, entre otros. Cookie para distinguir entre humanos y bots. Esto es beneficioso para la web con el objeto de elaborar informes válidos sobre el uso de la web. Cookie para distinguir entre humanos y bots. Almacenar el estado de consentimiento de cookies del usuario para el dominio actual. No se pueden rechazar.   Condiciones de las cookies de Google:
De Personalización pll_language Propias, de personalización y cookies temporales Esta cookie se utiliza para determinar el idioma preferido del visitante y configura el idioma correspondientemente en el sitio web, si es posible.
Analíticas _ga _gid _gat_gtag_UA_85044141_1 De terceros, analíticas y cookies permanentes Recoger información sobre la navegación de los usuarios por el sitio con el fin de conocer el origen de las visitas y otros datos similares a nivel estadístico. No obtiene datos de los nombres o apellidos de los usuarios ni de la dirección postal concreta desde donde se conectan.
Publicitarias OTZ RUL De terceros, temporales Permiten optimizar y personalizar los anuncios mostrados al navegar. Sirve para analizar pautas de tráfico a la web, duración de la sesión del navegador. Está relacionada con el sistema de publicidad personalizada de Google Adwords.