If you sell any kind of tickets and want to verify them at an event, making sure all the duplicates, invalid and fakes are being detected in real time while having a control of the level of assistance, we can work together.

Our solution allows you to operate simultaneously in different venues, spaces, formats and ticket tipologies (for a single event or various simultaneously, no matter where they happen). working at small events or the most complex ones.

If you prefer to take care of most things yourself, we can help you as much as you need us to. We can license our software, rent the required devices, take care of the setup or, even, service you remotely 24/7 to solve any incidences.

What is the wifi ne, the Internet or power supply fall?  Our validation system keeps working!

Besides, you can sell thru all the ticketing companies you want. And there’s no need to stop selling thru any channels, you can keep sales online while the event goes on and we validate simultaneously.

And of course the volume of sales or ticket format doesn’t affect the system (be it Hardticket, Print@Home, Passbook, accreditations, wristbands, RFID tags or NFC devices).

If you want to sell your own tickets (hardticket, print@home…) we can also advice you about it. And if you’re looking for a tailor-made solution, we can develop it for you.

Ticket validation

You will access your reports anywhere: at the venue or comfortably at home with your smartphone.