Capacity & Assistance Control


Currently there are several technologies to perform capacity & assistance controls.

Electronic clicker App.

Our Tally Counter – Clicker PRO app is the closest to a manual clicker, but with all the advantatges of digitalization. It’s a very economic, operative and easy to implement solution for events without tickets or access controls.

It’s possible to link multiple devices to add up and get the full capacity count. You can add a bluetooth hand-set to click without watching the App screen.

In & Out validation

In case there’s already a ticket validation system in place, be it for tickets, accreditations or wristbands with a QR code or NFC, you can consider an entrance & exits control.

You can use our Exyt-Events app which is precise and reliable, and conceived to integrate with external services.

Camera control

When it comes to unassisted options we can offer two solutions: capacity control with 3D cameras and continuous image analysis.

You may choose one of the two options depending on the type of venue.

The 3D cameras are located in a zenithal way in the main public accesses to detect all the entrances and exits. Under ideal conditions of use, these devices can offer an accuracy of up to 99%.

On the other hand, continuous image analysis cameras are ideal to counting people in wide, open spaces. With each analysis, they start a new count, therefore avoiding cumulative error counts.