Capacity & Assistance Control


Venue capacity –
Capacity is the number of people who can be allowed in a specific space, in terms of both the physical space available, and limitations set by law”.

Currently there are several technologies to perform capacity & assistance controls. However we must diferentiate capacity from assistance: the first would be the number of people allowed at the venue, once we count entrances and exits to get an instant number, and the second would count the actual number of people that have attended the event during its course. Of all the technologies available, we offer the ones we consider optimal in each case depending on whether they should be assisted or not.

Our favorite option when it comes to unassisted capacity control are the 3D sensors. Under ideal conditions these devices can offer a precision of up to 99%.

We also work with an electronic clicker, similar to the manual old-time clicker. Thus, you can receive information to know the event’s assistance in real time. Very useful when several electronic clickers are working simultaneously. Futhermore, we could opt for a fixed installation using turnstiles.

If you want a capacity control taking advantage of the access control of your event or your installation, we can add devices at the exits to combine the data so you know the assistance in real time, and by reading the tickets at the exit you could re-active them for further re-entry.