Thanks to this service for festivals, concerts, fairs and other events, you can now send your wristbands, cards or definitive accreditations to the attendees’ home to facilitate access at the venue. Avoiding unnecessary queues and giving the audience a more pleasant experience from start to finish.

Tell us how you want the product to be packaged and sent and we will take care of everything: we will receive the merchandise and certify its quality. We will handle the product and manage the shipments, which are personalized (individually or in groups, two delivery attempts, registered and tracked so your customers can easily locate the package).

Now you can send wristbands, cards or accreditations to your customer’s home, and ease the access to your event.

You may create a special packaging for your exclusive campaigns: wristbands, accreditations, event information, flyers, gifts, etc.

In case you’re planning to activate a CASHLESS NFC consumer service, we can preload the wristbands or cards with the amounts the customers have pre-paid online. 100% reliability guaranteed, since the products sent can be deactivated (if necessary in case of loss) so they can’t be used at the event.