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Ticket Validation for access control at events

If you sell any type of tickets and want to verify them, making sure that repeated, invalid or counterfeit ones are being detected, having real-time control of the level of validation, we can work together

The most reliable ticket control

Exyt Events is a robust and reliable app, as well as scalable and highly available. With Exyt-Events it's possible to unify all the sales channels in a single platform from which to validate and control all access to the event in an agile and safe way.

Therefore, if you want to control the tickets of your event, making sure that the repeated, invalid, used or counterfeit ones are being detected, having real-time control of the level of validation, we can work together.

Our solution allows you to simultaneously manage different venues, spaces, formats and ticket types (for the same event or for several simultaneously, regardless of where they take place), being able to control from the simplest to the most complex events.

The most reliable ticket control
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APP designed against Internet crashes and power outages. Constant performance.


Service that can be integrated with third parties through API or pre-generated lists. Keep sales active during the event.


Scalable service designed for large influxes of public. Guarantee of service with high concurrence of users.


Technical staff with recognized experience.

Access control

If you are one of those who prefers to take care of almost everything, we will help you as much as you need. We can rent the system, just the devices, take care of the assembly and even be on call for possible incidents.

What if the Wi-Fi network, Internet or power supply goes down? We keep working!

In addition, you can sell through all the ticketing operators you want (national or foreign). To the extent that we can make your ticket sales channels allow sales to remain active during the event and can be validated simultaneously.

You will have access to the reports wherever you want: at the venue or comfortably on your mobile from home.

And if you're looking for a
different solution, tailored to you:
we can develop it.