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Materials for events

Exyt Control provides a wide variety of identification products

We advise you on people identification services at events

Ticket validation is only one part of successful access control. Identify your workers and/or assistants, streamlining operations with fully customizable identification products.

If you need it, we help you organize the delivery of the products, so that it integrates efficiently and organically with your access control service.


Appropriate in events with a high number of attendees. Available materials: tyvek, cloth, plastic or vinyl. With safety closures that prevent the exchange of bracelets.

What's the duration of your event? Any humid environments? What level of security do you need? Not all events are the same, that's why we advise you and help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Bracelet rental
layard rental


The best way to keep accreditations visible at all times. They are usually produced on embroidered or satin fabric, where the design is printed by sublimation or screen printing.

Customize your lanyard according to your needs: print on 1 or 2 sides, add accessories such as carabiners and clips or add an anti-pull safety closure.


PVC cards, cardboard cards and print@home accreditations. Do you have doubts about what type of accreditation you most need? Contact us and we will help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

Producing your accreditations is only the first step, if you need a tool to help you manage your accreditation service, consult our solution for registration and accreditation of attendees

Accreditation rental
label printing


Print the data of the attendees on a thermal label or wristband according to the needs of the event.

We help you to set up the accreditation point of your event. Software, printing equipment or consumables. All approved and integrated with our service Registration and accreditation of attendees

Contact our product department so that we can calculate an offer according to your needs
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