Cashless Payment for Events

NFC cashless payment service

Would you like to know what is being consumed at your event?

The NFC cashless payment system without cash is the solution to control the entire monetary flow in real time. We know that it is a worrying issue for most event organizers, but with the right tools we manage to simplify the process and eliminate any possibility of fraud, thus giving a qualitative leap in internal management and user service. In addition to the corresponding increase in consumption that ease of use entails.

Our technological proposal for any NFC solution is integrated with the ticket validation, accreditation and capacity control platform. This also allows us to offer stock control solutions for bars, personnel management and the possibility of recharging directly from the Smartphone.

Cashless payment in any format

All service alternatives are compatible with any identification format: bracelets , cards, stickers, etc.

We advise you and take care of planning and dimensioning all the operations so that the NFC cashless payment service is simple. It is important that attendees feel comfortable with the system and that they can easily access the event, recharge balance and consume without complications.

The main intention is that the service improves and you can have data that will be useful for future editions so that you optimize resources event by event. All without worrying about anything, since the system is not affected by connectivity problems: information is not lost .

Shall we talk about solutions for your event?