Accreditation Systems for Events

Registration and accreditation of attendees

We offer professional solutions for accreditation management and attendee registration to event organizers

Worker accreditation and guest registration

In many cases the events are for clients, people from the sector or staff invited especially for the occasion (fairs, specific training, tournaments, professionals, talks, exhibitions, galas, award ceremonies, etc.).

For these occasions we have the solution for you: Exyt-Accredited.

Three ways to issue accreditations

When organizing an event we find ourselves with the need to keep track of the attendees. Depending on the type of event we will have three ways to accredit attendees:


When it is an open event and any user can get their ticket, the simplest thing is to have them register their data in a web form. Press groups can be managed through an online registration, too.


When you have all the data of the guests and you only have to carry out a mass communication . We prepare everything through a list of attendees and we send the invitations.


When it comes to a worker or any other group that the organization of the event must validate, it is easier to enter the data directly in the accredited management panel. In this classification we can include parking passes, for example.

How are accreditations managed?

In all cases, an email is sent to the user to indicate the access process that must be followed from that moment. Sometimes the accreditation is attached to the same mail or, simply, the authorized point in the venue is communicated to complete the process.

  1. ACCESS:
    Manage access to the premises for workers, guests, press and vehicles.
    Assign different transit privileges within the event
  3. ROLES:
    Authorize the different department managers to review, accept, deny or block access to people registered on the platform.
    Send by e-mail all the necessary documentation to access your venue (Print@Home format of accreditations, invitations, etc.) and track the shipments, knowing which emails have been correctly delivered, have been opened or have not been able to be delivered.
Sistema acreditación eventos

Attendance data in real time

Exyt-accredited is integrated with the ticket validation service, so you can generate attendance reports in real time. At all times you will know the staff inside the venue, those who are yet to enter and, once finished, you will be able to thank the attendees in a personalized way for their assistance.

In addition, it is possible to perform an access audit. Allowing to know in real time access data of the workers (accessed / not accessed, date and time of access, etc.). In this way we can send emails to the attendees once the event is over to remember, thank or encourage them to take some additional action.

Everything is stored in the cloud allowing access to information at any time from any device.

Exyt-accredited is integrated with the ticket validation service , so you can generate attendance reports in real time.

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